Payday Loans For Pensioners

Payday Loans for Pensioners – what you need to know.

What are payday loans for pensioners?

Also known as payday advance, paycheck advance or paycheck loan among other terms, a payday loan is a small, short term unsecured loan intended to take care of emergency or unexpected expenses until payday.

Payday Loans for Pensioners – how do payday loans for pensioners work?

You apply online or at a payday loan store by filling out simple application forms. Once approved, which is almost guaranteed if you meet certain minimal requirements, you sign an agreement. Some lending companies require a signed check for the amount borrowed plus interest. The loan is due on your next payday, but usually you can extend it, in two week increments, but you have to pay at least the interest each time. Often the lender debits payment directly from your bank account.

Payday Loans for Pensioners – I have bad credit. Can I still get a loan?

Yes. This is what pulls most people to these loans. Payday loan lenders typically do not pull credit reports or ask for any form of collateral. Good or bad credit, you get treated the equally.

Payday Loans For pensioners – What about collateral?

As stated above, you do not need any form of “hard” collateral. Your job and paycheck are all you need.

Payday loans for pensioners– What if I have NSF’s, overdrafts, charge-offs or a bankruptcy?

The rules and requirements differ with virtually each and every lender. But since payday loans are typically meant for sub-prime borrowers, you can still find someone to loan to you unless your situation is really, really bad.

Payday Loans For Pensioners – What are the approval requirements or criteria?

One universal requirement is that you have regular income, like a job or pension. Some lending companies do not offer loans to people who get paid monthly but others do. Other requirements include a checking or savings account, be at least 18 years old and have a social security number. Minimum income and all other requirements differ by lender, with some lenders being more lenient than others, sometimes by a large degree.

Payday loans for Pensioners – Are there any upfront or application fees?

No. If you ever come across a lender who asks for upfront or application fees, or “approval” fees for that matter, run. That is possibly a scam.

Payday loans for Pensioners – How do I tell if my information is safe?

This cannot truly be guaranteed, even at your bank. But you should only apply to legitimate, licensed payday lending companies. If they have a store and that’s not hidden somewhere in a back-street alley, chances are they are licensed and legitimate. Online it gets a little tricky, so you have to do some research. But you should always go with a company that has a secure website, or secure application page. Secure websites addresses typically begin with HTTPS (can be lowercase) while others start with HTTP – the difference is the “s” at the end for secure servers.

Payday Loans for Pensioners – When do I get the cash?

Once approved, and you have signed all the necessary papers, you can walk out with cash or a check right away if applying at a store. If applying online, the funds get deposited in you bank account overnight – you can withdraw cash the next business day.

Payday Loans For Pensioners – Are there any drawbacks or dangers I should be aware of?

The biggest drawback is cost. Payday loans are high interest loans intended for short term use only. Extending the loan can potentially cause a vicious cycle and negatively affect your budget. You should also be cautious when applying online as scam websites are everywhere and you might give away sensitive personal information to a con artist. Payday loans for pensioners are available.

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