Finding The Right Payday Loan

You’re looking to find a payday loan or cash advance loan company that is reputable, provides excellent service, and is properly licensed in their state of business. Also look for a payday loan site that is professionally designed and managed, run by a real company that understands the business and markets it works in.

All payday loan companies that provide cash payday loans must licensed. When looking at a particular payday loan lender you should feel free to e-mail them at their contact information and ask for information regarding their state lending license. For example, the lending institution for Personal Cash Advance is located in South Australia. The company is officially licensed by the State of South Australia. When they issue a payday loan contract with a client, it is deemed to take place in South Australia, regardless of where the client or his/her bank resides.

Security is also a major concern when shopping for the right payday loan. When a client completes the Personal Cash Advance application page, the connection will be “SSL” which stands for Secure Socket Layer. Secure Socket Layers provide the best means of encryption available to commercial websites today. The personal data stored the data on our computers is also encrypted with the highest standards currently available.

Ask any payday loan lender you consider doing business with about their data security. You might be surprised at their responses. If they are evasive or unclear in their answers, go somewhere else!

Finally, make sure someone is available to answer your all your application questions. Many payday loan lenders leave you wondering what’s going on. Although price is important, customer service is even more important.

Tips For Getting Approved For Your Payday Loan

  1. Check the payday loan lender’s qualification policy to make sure you’re eligible. It’s actually detrimental to fill out an application if you know you don’t qualify. It may hurt your chances with another payday loan lender whose qualifications are more relaxed.

  2. When shopping for payday loan, limit the number of applications you actually fill out and submit. Filling out multiple applications can result in being declined by ALL payday loan lenders. The reason for this is that each time you apply for a payday loan, that application is reported to a consumer tracking database used by banks and payday loan lenders. If your payday loan lenders see multiple applications pending they assume that their exposure or risk is much greater.

  3. Fill our your application completely and accurately. Many applicants think that exaggerating may help them (longer time on job than they really have, higher income than they really have, etc.) If a lender finds that you are exaggerating or lying they will decline your request for a payday loan immediately.

  4. When you talk to or send email correspondence to the customer service department, be courteous and professional.

After You Get a Payday Loan

What if the unexpected happens and you cannot pay off your payday loan on the maturity date? Contact the payday loan lender regarding repayment options. Most payday loan lenders are flexible, and offer different options or rollovers on the loan amount. You should be prepared to pay the initial fee again, however. Try to pay back the fee and as much of the principal as possible.

The most important rule of all: do not default on the payday loan! If you default it can cause many sets of problems for you, like extra NSF fees from both your bank when the payments bounce and as specified in your contract with the payday loan or cash advance company. The payday loan company may also send your account to a third party collections agency, which could be very detrimental to your long term credit options. In addition, your default will be reported to consumer credit agencies that can make it impossible for you to obtain another payday loan or even open a new checking account in the future. As a last resort some lenders will take defaulting clients to court and sue them.